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About the Authors

Tom Hinkes

Copywriter and Account Executive at Initiate-it

Tom has had a knack for digital design from a very young age. In the 3rd grade, he taught himself HTML and has not stopped building ever since. While attending Virginia Tech and earning his degree in Marketing Management, Tom acted as a webmaster for several small businesses and honed his skills as a designer. After graduating, Tom strayed from the marketing industry and served as a securities principal at a wealth management firm. After four years in the financial sector, Tom returned to where his passions lie, and wears several different hats while owning the title of “Account Executive."

Top 7 Mistakes

Membership Associations


Andrew is an experienced digital marketer and social media strategist with expertise in integrated marketing strategy. In his 20 years in marketing, Andrew has created award-winning campaigns and highly successful online communities for his clients.

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Andrew Smith

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